Jim McKnight Bio

Jim McKnight is a PC hobbyist who freely shares his expert knowledge and skills with others.

Jim worked for the IBM Corporation for 38 years before retiring in 2003. For most of his career he specialized in Large Computer Systems and Large Laser Printer Support. He installed, diagnosed and repaired a variety of room size data center computer systems including CPU's, Memory Systems, Channels, Tape Drive systems, Disk Drive Systems, Optical Recognition Readers, and High-speed Printers of all shapes and sizes.  Before IBM, Jim worked on aircraft radios in the US Air Force Strategic Air Command (aboard B-52's and KC-135's) and then on mobile radios for Los Angeles County Communications Dept servicing the County Sheriff & Fire Dept's. He also repaired Televisions as a hobby (Tubes, not Transisters back then).

Trained on computers by IBM starting in 1966, Jim grew up along side several generations of computer technologies (many of which are now in the Smithsonian Institution). A partial list of his computer system experience includes: Unit Record systems (IBM Card machines), 1400 systems, 360 systems, Selectric system consoles [yes, typewriters], 370 systems, 390 systems, 4300 systems, RISC 6000, ATM's, and a variety of ultra-large high-speed laser printers.  In his later years at IBM, Jim worked mostly as a Large Printer Support Specialist (InfoPrint Systems) doing hardware technical support, problem diagnosis, performance data analysis, technical writing, skills transfer, Lotus Notes Application programming, and more.

As a result of IBM's cycle of releasing a completely new generation of computers every 5 years or so, Jim developed learning and diagnostic skills that enabled him to assimilate knowledge about new computer systems very quickly. His ability to collect, absorb, then condense a wide range of complex technical information into packages easily digestible by other IBM technicians built him a solid reputation with both management and his peers.

After a while in retirement, Jim felt his experience, diagnostic skills and writing talents were going to waste, so he started playing around with PC's. This hobby took him to the Los Angeles Computer Society (LACS, a local PC Users Group) where he put his technical writing and diagnostic skills to use by teaching and assisting members, ultimately resulting in this Website.

As Jim's knowledge grew, he started this website as a focal point and depository for all that he has learned over the last few years and has styled it in a way so that users can print out his various self-help guides (as PDF's) and use them to help solve their problems, many times with step-by-step instructions. Jim continues to offer all his articles, tips, and guides free of charge, as well as providing many free PC diagnostic, tune-up, repair, and malware removal services to members of LACS.

Today Jim is a locally recognized expert in PC security, system recovery, malware detection/removal, XP and Windows 7 repair, etc................

Current Volunteer Activities:

Jim takes donated Laptop PC's, wipes the hard-drive, reinstalls Windows, and then gives them to homeless and disadvantaged people via the Los Angeles Computer Society and the Hand-to-Hand Feeding Project (sponsored by the Agape International Spiritual Center).

Jim's other hobby is baking. He has been baking 40 pounds of Brownies each month for the Hand-to-Hand Feeding Project since 2001.  On the fourth Saturday of each Month, you will find Jim in Santa Monica handing out Brownies to the Homeless.

JimOPI? What's that mean?

If you are really interested in the deeper meaning JimOPI has for me, read the book:   "The Journey Home" by Lee Carroll

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